Your Opinion Matters

Last year, Lund worked on the aspect of user feedback and the empowerment of the visitor to actively interact with the exhibition. By means of a feedback loop, the user’s contribution should in turn be harnessed for one’s own value process. For the PiK, Lund turns the exhibition into a election arena. Giving the opportunity to give ones vote for the artworks of ones liking, the viewer can decide between the 14 works by Jonas Lund (blue) and Timm Ulrichs (red). Adopting the dominant colours of the U.S. election campaign, the social aspect of voting is being reduced to pushing random buttons – as many times as you want. But still, the result decides on the whereabouts of the works – the most chosen determined by “Your Opinion Matters” wins, as week by week the losers will be deinstalled. The bunk-like presentation transforms the hall into a kind of beauty contest in which every piece has to compete for its own presence. So please, go vote!

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