Jonas Lund Token Future #0

A Jonas Lund Token (JLT) Future is a forward contract that enables you to bet on the future value of Jonas Lund’s artworks and the Jonas Lund Token (JLT) itself.

Each JLT Future is intrinsically tied to a specific Jonas Lund artwork that will be made shortly before the contract expires. You’re making a bet on the prospective appreciation in value of both the artwork and the Jonas Lund Token (JLT), from the time of acquiring the JLT Future to the time the contract expires.

On the Future Contract expiry date, your JLT Future ‘expires’ into a physical Jonas Lund artwork. The artwork’s quality and value is then appraised by the Jonas Lund Token (JLT) board. If the quality surpasses the standard criteria, you may be required to pay an additional amount, while lower-quality artworks may result in a discount on your contract.

It’s a unique way to invest in both art and the future, where your Jonas Lund Token represents not just a digital asset but a tangible masterpiece, all in sync with Jonas Lund’s artistic evolution.

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