Not About Money: Landing Meta

Jonas Lund Not About Money: Landing Meta Jonas Lund Not About Money: Landing Meta

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The Sea World Culture and Art Center officially opened the exhibition " Not About Money: Landing Meta" to the public at the UNESCO Pavilion of the Culture and Art Center on November 13, 2022. This exhibition is sponsored by Sea World Culture and Art Center, curated by Raiden INST, and co-organized by Fengyuzhu. As one of the annual special exhibitions of the Sea World Culture and Art Center, "I Not About Money: Landing Meta" is the first and largest exhibition in South China that focuses on blockchain, NFT and Metaverse. Its presentation of blockchain and NFT will shift from the infinite focus on money to the development path and ecological practice of the underlying technical logic of blockchain. While comprehensively expounding the impact of blockchain and metaverse concepts on the current art and social fields and the important practical achievements in this field, the exhibition will also bring the audience a metaverse world that embraces digital thinking and surreal sensory experience.

This exhibition presents 33 representative works of 29 groups of international first-line blockchain artists, and conducts a comprehensive review of blockchain technology and practice from four dimensions: ecological observation, smart contracts, life on the chain, and self-organization . The works cover eight categories including installation art, interactive art, new media art, ecological art, biological art, data art and encryption art, hoping to systematically and authoritatively discuss the technological changes such as blockchain, NFT and metaverse in the field of art and in its application in social development and even future industrial fields. Meanwhile, it hopes to universally balance academic content, artistic beauty and entertainment experience, so that audiences of all ages can deeply appreciate the beauty of science and art.

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