… And that’s only (half) the story

Jonas Lund … And that’s only (half) the story Jonas Lund … And that’s only (half) the story

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In every century the ‘roaring ‘20’ provide new insights in society, technology and art. One can’t neglect the fuzz and impact deepfakes, AI, Chat GPT and other less visible technologic innovations are having on our daily life.

The current web3, a more decentralised and user controlled internet is inspiring and challenging artists to create new forms, concepts and technology driven artworks and aesthetics. A wide variety of tech-based tools are being explored but all are backed with their own and intriguing narratives and stories.

The gallery exhibition ‘...And that’s only (half) the story’ brings a selection of recent artworks in which you can feel the pulse of this generation, puzzling technologies, artistic storytelling and fascinating aesthetics.

Group exhibition including works by: Jonas Lund, Daan Couzijn, Harm van den Dorpel, Libby Heaney, Sarah Meyohas, Victor Verhelst, Arvida Byström, Gretta Louw and Frederik De Wilde.

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