What You Get Is What You See

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Every visitor to this website’s browser window size captured and played back in sequence, ending with your own. A spin off of What You See Is What You Get (2012), with the possibility to mint your own style of all the different captured browser windows. Once minted, the HTML structure will remain the same for all the NFTs, only the <style> changes.

Every time you reload the home page the Style ID updates. You can also put in your own Style ID. Only one NFT can be minted with a specific Style ID. When you MINT, the style that you see becomes your NFT’s style. The Style ID determines the added <style> block on each unique page, and covers all the different features, including but not limited to, colours, borders, widths, transparencies, crosses.

Once all the 128 pieces have been minted, the page will stop collect frames and move to IPFS.

In support of Panke Gallery and launched at the exhibition NfTNeTArT – from Net Art to Art NFT opening on 19th of February at 18:00 at Panke Gallery, in cooperation with Office Impart, and with support from JPG Space and zora.co.