The Paintshow

The Paintshow is an exhibition series featuring paintings from the

Press Text For the Paintshow at Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven

One thousand of the highest ranked paintings from The collection presented at the Van Abbemuseum Studio from the 12th to the 19th of December. The exhibition will include works by influential artists ranging from Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, Mondrian, and Georgia O’Keefe.

Since the launch in June 2012, The spawned over 3,000 unique paintings by more than 1,500 different authors. The is an online real-time drawing tool, every painting is the result of a collaborative effort. Once the painting is signed and saved, it’s ranked accordingly. The person who signed it, becomes its official author and owner, while the shared canvas resets to white.

The rank of each painting is determined by using the PaintRank algorithm. The algorithm determines the reputation of the author and the popularity of the work itself by analyzing a set of factors such as the Artfacts ranking of the author, the amount of Facebook Likes and retweets the painting receives, the Google PageRank of the title, and the painting’s provenance including age, sales record and exhibition history. The painting’s rank sets the price; making the highest ranked painting the most expensive.

All paintings are available for sale throughout the exhibition-period. Once sold, the painting is immediately taken down and handed to its new owner, thereby changing the exhibition and increasing the ranking of the painting.

Kindly Supported by
Baltan LaboratoriesEyebeamPZI and the Van Abbemuseum
Visit the online catalogue here

Participating artists

mondrian, damien hirst, van Doghnt, david hockney, David Shrigley , Rafaël Rozendaal, David Lynch, SOKAR, Unknow, mark gonzales, momo, Caina, Jonas, Gergo Szinyova, 777, jSON, Alan Butler, newt, Desire, Anonymous, 111, moar, EURO, Lev Manovich, sterling crispin, Dennis De Bel, cat, Grime, hans hoffman, Nicolas Boillot, fff, Mikie, PIGMAN, okay, jean sebastien, Jegg, herp, dikt, stage, bob dylan, aneta, jimmy, Timmy, Michael Manning, YOLK, Alexandria, Lorna Mills, JONAS LUND, baby, rollin, rozita, thomas schneider, yeye, mostro, make, CHUCK, Big Richard C, mark, morgan, pride, ttt, picasso, kayne, Vance Wellenstein, life, Bas Louter, Miss B, chick, Alma , haruko, 888, me me, Carty, OIsín, linne, a few, Filippo Minelli, unknown, Mark Lee, 555, Munch, Zak Syroka, baglava, Schiller, Seinfeld, Alma Alloro, loll, NikAngel, Teddy, Benny, rem, newyorkaphoiniks, Winona Ryder, YOLK+LILKIM, THIEF, Moody, dudes, sophiahelena, ecce homo despues, rene and ali, LaTurbo Avedon, hunter, Evy Pants, Spratch, MCH, Connor, copyright apple, Kim Asendorf, Sarah Penhall, will exquisite, Peter, Natures Best, Silvio Lorusso, luhanmcmarshall, BJJ, k8e, moon, Bͫ́͐̓̒ͯ̑̓͟҉̖͓͍̟͇̪̣͉͇͕ŗ̶̛̹̦̫̩͉͔̯͈̳̰͈͔ͯ̒ͧ̂̉͂̉̆̃̓͛̿̐͛̃̀̚u̵̴̠̠̱͇͖̖̞̻͖̯̗̯ͣ̒ͪ̏̐̍͆ͪͪͯ̑ͩ͆͞c̶̤̰̥̞͉̱̟̜͛̿ͧ̀ͫͨ͐̑̌ͭ͆ͣ̃ͣ̌̚̚̕e̷̊̐ͬ̂̆̆ͥͪͦ̅̾ͣ͋ͬ̈́͒̓, Thereisamajorprobleminaustralia, Jeremiah Johnson, Skyler Schubert, daffidoff, Highfish, Kevin Spahn, che lå fay, james edward, XDLOL, Jess Carroll, The Don, emilie gervais, Adam Milner, Fpx, Celine, 010101010101001010110101010101001101001010101000000000000000000000000000000000000000111111010, 01001010101010, VVsaucer Pete, rain of love, Not Sure, Olof, furry, Fake /\/\icrosoft, Gunther Von Hammersmaak, Carlos Angeles, nme, Systaime, Q, billy, rbh6uy7, sec la mbulu, Moreno Rosse, lots, :::::::::::://///////, ehMacaco, Void warranties, Georges Jacotey, Dini M. 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