Return Of Investment

On Wednesday, April 23, Link Cabinet will launch its activities showcasing the project Return of Investment by Swedish artist Jonas Lund. The exhibition will be on show from April 23 to May 31, 2014.

With Return of Investment Jonas Lund focuses on the financial rules of the contemporary art world, turning Link Cabinet into an advertisement space that anyone can purchase. The web page will host only one ad at a time, and the banner will be replaced only when a new investor will apply for the ad space. Every transaction will result in an increase of the price, calculated on the basis of a rate similar to the average annual return of investment of contemporary art in 2012.

This new project – premiered at Link Cabinet – is a further development in Jonas Lund’s ongoing exploration of the contemporary art world, its social rules and ways of working. The act of buying the web page is at the same time the purchase of an ad space and a financial investment that one can capitalize on by selling to the next buyer: a clear reference to the contemporary art market, where collecting art works can either be an act of patronage or a mere financial investment.

The last investor will not receive a return of investment but will instead become the new owner of the piece Return Of Investment, and may choose to exhibit the piece again under the same conditions as the first exhibition on Link Cabinet, meaning that the new owner will have to sell the piece to the last investor of any future exhibition, and then the process may be repeated.
From April 23 to May 31, 2014