Race Condition

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Race Condition is a racing game where you’re flying through space at rapid speeds and see colors and shapes swoosh by.

The game-objective is straightforward: you accelerate and try and stay on the road, if you miss a jump or a turn, you crash! The script determines the properties of your spaceship, acceleration, handling and max speed, as well as the map layout, including difficulty, color composition, and available power ups.

Once the series has been fully minted, a highscore of all the mints will be created on racecondition.art. The winners in each category will be awarded an additional Race Condition Winner NFT. The categories include but are not limited to fastest spaceship, most difficult level, easiest level, worst acceleration, and worst max speed.

In Race Condition, the winners are not determined by your driving skills, but by something outside of your control, the properties and features of your mint. Is your level more difficult than the others? Is your spaceship faster? Whether you are a winner in one of the categories is not really up to you, so enjoy the ride and race without pressure!