One on One +1

One on One+1 is a new online performative art work by Jonas Lund, in which he invites anyone to sign up for a serendipitous encounter in the format of a video chat.

By submitting your name, social media handles, email and your preferred time slot, the artist’s Matching Algorithm™ will build a profile of you by using a wide range of open source intelligence (OSINT) tools and then match you with someone special and arrange a meeting between the two of you.

The meetings are watched by a range of performance measuring algorithms and AI’s’ that analyse your behaviour in real-time and track your performance, nudges you to be your best self, and suggest things to say, or topics to discuss. Once the meeting is complete, the system generates an in-depth analysis and report that serves as documentation of the encounter and as feedback to the matching algorithm to further improve the coupling.

One on One+1 was a commission for IMPAKT 2021 Festival’s exhibition ‘Modern Love’ (, curated by Katerina Gregos and Arjon Dunnewind.

Kindly Supported by the Mondriaan Foundation and Stichting Niemeijer Fonds.