New Now

New Now is a series of digital paintings that was developed using machine learning to train a neural network on all of my previous works, so it’s both a way to optimise my practice and also dictate what pieces I will make next. The artificial intelligence created by the artist becomes the artist. This project speaks to the data-driven optimisation of targeted marketing and the ways in which artificial intelligence seeks to understand and manipulate our deepest impulses.


The works were developed with an algorithm that wires a work of art for success. Through a set of parameters, the piece’s visual content is optimised for an art fair. In the artist’s words: “This series is based on a neural network that has been trained on all my previous works, to outsource the process of making new work to an artificial semi-intelligent program that ‘thinks’ like me.”

The work exhibited in Milan further the artist’s exploration of optimization practices, and is meant to offer more questions than answers. “What is an optimized artwork?” asks Lund. “A work that is set up for success to be liked by everyone, a work that stands out and creates diverging opinions, a work that sells, a work that asks the right questions at the right time, a work that gets 200 likes on Instagram, a work that makes you feel good?”

These Digital Paintings Are Wired for Success—Literally – Noémie Jennifer at Creators Project