Legacy of the Void

November 27th – January 23rd
Opening: November 27th, 17:00


Hi Assistant,

I hope this finds you well and that everything worked out as you hoped it would.

Isn’t it strange how quickly you can change your point of view, your belief system. You think and look at things endlessly, and then all of a sudden, it all looks different, it all feels different. What seemed so obvious before, now seems completely off, forcing you to move on, to leave your old beliefs behind.

I want to make new work.

I want to meet an artificially created demand of newness, to maintain the impression that something new is coming out of the studio; something new to Instagram, something new to share, something new to talk about.

I want to fulfil the expectation of unending newness… I need something that’s aware of its own history whilst being a culmination of contemporaneity. I need to stop talking about art and for us to just make something. I need something that’s neither good nor bad, that can’t be described as either.

I shouldn’t talk about art, but just make it.
I should expand and build upon the perception of an artist’s lifestyle that’s desired by so many, yet one that very few actually have.
Harm tells me that I should stop making art about art. His gallerist says so. But what if art and the art world is the perfect isolated summary of what it is to be human, and how we relate to each other? A networked microcosmos… with an audience.

2015 is coming to an end, do we really want another year of Facebook, on Facebook? Is that the best we can do? Maybe Constant was right in quitting Facebook, did it make him happier? I wonder. After all, he came back. Do we really need another platform, even if its indie?

So much work goes into getting us to click more ads, but we simply block them, even on our phones. The pages load faster, and the content is still free. The artworks are free to look at, to like on Insta- gram, but if you want to have them in your living room you have to buy them, and give the gallerist 50% commission. It’s a system of support, of uniqueness, of importance, of freedom, of archaic measures. This measurement and protocol doesn’t really make sense for art or anything else existing today, yet is ingrained within the idea of cultural capital that flows abundantly from platform to platform.

Maybe, the works that we create together can bring some solace, a moment of peace and quiet. Maybe blocking things out is the answer.
We should create something in order to not think about what it means to make, something that blocks out everything else happening in the white background.

Do you have some suggestions? I value your input.