Friendly Advice

Friendly Advice is a new online performative art work by Jonas Lund, in which he invites anyone to book his time for whatever purpose they chose* in the format of a video chat.

The artist will be your life-coach, remote friend, hang out with you while you cook, watch you browse social media, the last person missing for your group game, assist you with your conceptual art problems, help you decide what to eat, remote watch your kids, solve your programming problems, play a song, or do absolutely nothing with you.

The sessions are watched by a range of performance measuring algorithms and AI’s’ that analyse Jonas’ behaviour in real-time and track his performance, nudges him to be his best self, and suggest things to say, or topics to discuss. Once the session is complete, the system generates in-depth analysis and reports, that serves as documentation of the encounter, and study material for Jonas so he can improve and optimise his performance and adjust his behaviour.