Away on Vacation

Away on Vacation is an installation that consists of the artist’s Macbook Pro, an HD Camera, custom software and an Internet connection. The installation will be live-streamed to YouTube where one can see the Macbook Pro on an office table inside Lund’s Berlin studio with an ever-changing background of landscapes. The computer will run a custom software that enables it to create paintings entirely on its own by scripting the movement of the mouse cursor and the keyboard. A viewer can see the cursor moving, buttons being clicked and brush strokes being made, all with no one in contact with the computer.

The computer will open Photoshop and start creating a painting. It will use an array of symbols, brushes, and shapes all, relating to the idea of vacation and its opposite–work. Once the painting has been completed, the software will upload it to the website and post it to the Artist’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Away on Vacation live-stream will continue around the clock for two weeks beginning on the 24th of May, and by the time it stops, it will have created approximately one painting an hour for an estimated total of 340 paintings.