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Some argue, and some indeed perceive, that we now live in a world in between what we used to call physical and virtual.

Where are we today? Where are we heading to? Are we really experiencing a switch from a Web world (a virtual, 2-D representation of a 3-D reality) to a Verse world – a boundless environment constantly transmigrating between physical and digital?

Web art is no longer determined solely by its existence on the Internet. Rather, we can confidently say that contemporary artists are making art about (and with) information culture both online, offline and every state in-between.

If not there yet, we are nevertheless moving fast into a life experience in which physical and digital are not separated anymore – but conflate and are seamlessly bound together. Technologies ranging from blockchain organisation, metaverse events, artificial intelligence tools and virtual reality are becoming foundational to shape a new concept of contemporary art – in both content and experience.

The exhibition is structured as an ongoing project investigating the ‘Web to Verse’ evolution from different perspectives. It will take different shapes in different locations, with different artists and even curatorial collaborations. The iteration presented at Modal gallery is the launch of the global project with a focus on Activism: the aim of artists to critically inhabit and question this new world.

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