Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme


I will be showing a Paintshow Poster with the 1000 highest ranked paintings from the Paintshop.biz at the Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme in Chaumont opening the 25th of May. If you happen to be there, please take a picture of it and send it to me!

Run Computer Run

I’m happy to participate in the Run Computer Run exhibition ‘Economics + the Immaterial’ opening the 24th of May in Dublin as part of GLITCH. The exhibition is curated by Nora O Murchú and features tons of cool artists, such as Casey Reas, Marius Watz, Evan Roth, Constant Dullaart, Paolo Cirio, Lorna Mills, Geraldine Juárez, Emilie Gervais, Addie Wagenknecht, Pablo Garcia, Yoshi Sodeoka, Emilio Gomariz, Pinar + Viola and lots more.

I’ll be showing This Click In Time and 1 Limited Edition Tee (run of 10), 1 Limited Edition tote bag (run of 20), 1 A5 postcard and, 1 A3 digital print (run of 10) all showing different stages of the piece. They will be available for purchase online over at the Run Computer Run website

First Review of We See In Every Direction

The First review of We See In Every Direction is in, and it happened in the browser itself by a collection of users.

We See In Every Direction

We See In Every Direction is a synchronized web browser, everything from the URL, cursors and text boxes are shared across everyone who’s currently using it. It’s presented as this month’s The Download at Rhizome, head over there to download it or visit We See In Every Direction’s homepage.


Paint Your Pizza at Click Festival


Click Festival was so much fun, and the Paint Your Pizza installation turned out great! Here’s some pictures from the show.

Pizza Paintings in the making

Pizza Paintings in the making

Thursday's Pizza Paintings being made into Pizzas at the local Pizzeria

Thursday’s Pizza Paintings being made into Pizzas at the local Pizzeria

The concentration!

The concentration!

The last details

The last details

Checking the work

Checking the work

Into the oven

Into the oven



Friday's Pizza Paintings being made in the home of Ida and Laura Wettendorff – who promised to do a better job than Thursday's Pizzeria.

Friday’s Pizza Paintings being made in the home of Ida and Laura Wettendorff – who promised to do a better job than Thursday’s Pizzeria. (Pictures by Henning S Wettendorff)

Cutting ingredients

Cutting ingredients (Pictures by Henning S Wettendorff)


Evan Roth Portrait Pizza with Evan Roth at Click Festival


Evan Roth Portrait Pizza with Evan Roth at Click Festival, Helsingör, DK.



Introducing Wishingwell.biz, a collboration with Harm van den Dorpel, launched as part of the BiennaleOnline.

Other People Also Bought at 319 Scholes


Sebastian Schmieg and me are participating in the #FUTUREMYTH exhibition at 319 Scholes, curated by Christina Latina and Daniel Leyva, with a new piece called Other People Also Bought.

“Your Shopping Cart lives to serve. Give it purpose–fill it with books, CDs, DVDs, toys, electronics, and more.”
Starting with adding the first product ever sold on Amazon,Douglas Hofstadter’s Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought, to our shopping cart, we created a script that automatically adds the next recommended item through Amazon’s “Other People Also Bought” algorithm to the same cart. The script starts as soon as someone is watching otherpeoplealsobought.

Participating artists include: Kari AltmannMatthew ArkellIain BallEnrico BocciolettiManuel Bürger,Sterling CrispinClaire L. EvansRyan Whittier Hale, Erin Henry, Emily JonesTaylor KuffnerPaul Laffoley,Kareem LotfyJonas Lund + Sebastian SchmiegEinar ÖbergRafaël RozendaalJasper SpiceroTanner Family, and Clement Valla + Erik Berglin. If you’re in NYC, the exhibition opens the 18th of April.

Race Condition at XPO Gallery

race_condition_2 race_condition


Thanks Aram, was a lot of fun and some fantastic works.

OFFLINE ART: new2 at XPO Gallery, Paris

I’m super excited to participate in the upcoming OFFLINE ART: new2, curated by Aram Bartholl at XPO Gallery in Paris this coming Thursday. I’ll be showing a new piece ‘Race Condition’.

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21st February

Xpo Gallery is pleased  to announce the next exhibtion


curated by Aram Bartholl

participating artists : Cory Arcangel, Kim Asendorf, Claude Closky, Constant Dullaart, Dragan Espenschied, Faith Holland, JODI, Olia Lialina, Jonas Lund, Evan Roth, Phil Thompson, Emilie Gervais & Sarah Weis

Opening Thursday 21st  February, 6.30-9.30pm
7:00pm Introduction by Prof. Olia Lialina

exhibition until Saturday 14th March  2013

XPO GALLERY  17, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth – 75003 Paris

new2 is the first show realized in the OFFLINE ART exhibition format.
Web based art works will be accessible via wireless network but disconnected from the internet .A high profile selection of 14 artists of various ‘Internet generations’ – who are all working digitally and online – will present  recent and new works. OFFLINE ART: new2 is a group show all about files, versions and copies that questions the endless ‘new’ in our era of the daily remix on the Internet. A digital file can be copied endlessly, without any loss of quality, and the web culture of nonstop creation, sharing and remixing of files has influenced a whole generation of artists.Over the last two decades, internet artists have been constantly and prolifically creating web-based works.  Often files are collected online, reused, recycled and remixed in varied and numerous ways. The next version is called ‘…-new.gif’ but is already outdated 5 minutes later, with the arrival of  ‘…new2.gif’. Computers and the Internet don’t require a final version. ‘I still need to make some changes….’.What is the current state of net art and what happens when works are taken offline??

What is the correct format in which to show a piece of art in a gallery space that has only previously existed on the web? And what is the relationship between internet art and the ever-growing number of mobile devices?OFFLINE ART: new2 reflects recent discussions among artists and curators on how and if pieces should be available offline. All pieces in this show are browser based and at the same time only locally accessible. In the end it is the decision of each artist how and which version will also be available on the INTERNET.

The OFFLINE ART exhibition format:
Browser-based digital art works are broadcast locally from wifi routers which are not connected to the Internet.  Each art work is assigned a single wifi router which is accessible through any device, like smart-phones, tablets or laptops.  To access the different art works, the visitor has to connect to each network individually. The name of the network reflects the name of the artist. No matter what URL is opened, only the specific artwork appears in the browser. A small web server holding the art piece is installed on a USB flash drive which is connected to the router. Like frames holding the art, the routers are hung in the exhibition space which is otherwise empty. The art i tself becomes visible only on the visitor’s private screen.The pieces are locally widely accessible but disconnected from the Internet

Aram Bartholl 2013

visitez  www.xpogallery pour connaitre les jours et horaires d’ouverture de la galerie ou pour réserver une visite privative de l’exposition
please visit www.xpogallery.com for opening times or require a private viewving
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Paint Your Pizza Video

Shot and Cut by Jonathan Minard

Paint Your Pizza Pics


Yesterdays Paint Your Pizza Party at Eyebeam was so much fun. Thank you all for coming and for ordering pizzas! Here’s some of the pizza art works from the show!




The Paintshow at Eyebeam



At Eyebeam, the Annual showcase goes on until the 26th of January, come by!

Text Free Browsing

Brand New: Text Free Browsing, a chrome extension by Rafaël Rozendaal & Jonas Lund.

Text Free Browsing does what the name says: once you install it, you can click on a little nerdy face to turn off all text on the internet. You can turn TextFree on and off on at any moment. Try it!

You can download it for free in the Chrome Web Store or check out the source in the Text Free Browsing Github Repo

Annual Showcase at Eyebeam

Come join the Eyebeam Annual Showcase on Thursday the 17th of January at 540 W 21st Street at 7pm. Participating artists include Brian HouseCaroline WoolardCarrie Mae RoseDaniel NeumannHeather Dewey-HagborgJames GeorgeJonas LundJonathan Minard, Jonathan Vingiano, Kaho AbeMark ShepardNick Fox-Gieg,Paolo CirioRamsey NasserSarah Grant and Zach Gage. I’ll be showing a new selection of prints from the Paintshow as well as a new exciting work extending the Paintshop.biz