Open Call Club Open Call

Open Call
Open Call Club
Galeria Cavalo, Rio de Janeiro
December 1st, 2016 – January 21st, 2017

Application deadline: November 15

Galeria Cavalo in collaboration with artist Jonas Lund is launching an open call for participation in the exhibition Open Call Club, as part of the group show The Unique Institutional Critique Pop-Up Boutique.

The open call is dedicated to emerging artists based in and in close proximity (literally or figuratively) to Rio de Janeiro, who see the commercial gallery space and the forthcoming exhibition as an opportune location for exhibiting their works, as a platform for testing new ideas, and towards developing and sharing their own approaches and expertise within the issues and structure of the new exhibition format.

The The Unique Institutional Critique Pop-Up Boutique. exhibition takes the position of creating a shop inside the gallery, addressing fields such as authenticity, originality, the force and influence of an art market towards artistic production. Each work in the show will also be offered for sale though an online shop website related to the exhibition. Within the context of this, the Open Call Club exhibition will create a show within the show, an exhibition to question the merits of it’s parent exhibition, an exhibition that will put the positions put forth to its logical edge. What is originality? What’s an unique edition? What’s the value of scarcity? How can artists subvert an omnipresent art world and market? Should artists embrace, demystify or critique the art world and market network in which they operate? To what lengths can an artist distance herself from the institutions that create and control the value system that we’re all subscribed towards?

The open call is now open and the deadline for submitting a proposal is the 15th of November. The selection procedure will happen through an automated algorithmic sorting of the applicants where all personal details will be taken into consideration, as well as the proposed art work or idea. The bias of the algorithm is to favour under-favoured participants through a reverse privilege system.

The selected artists are expected to bring their works to the gallery location in Rio, or arrange the swift delivery of their works before the 24th of November.