Prospect & Concepts 2016

On Wednesday the 10th of February, visual artist Folkert de Jong will open the exhibition Prospects & Concepts during Art Rotterdam. It is the fourth edition of this exhibition wherein the Mondriaan Fund presents young talent, will be open to the public from the 11th to the 14th of February, in the Van Nellefabriek in Rotterdam. The exhibition presents work by 54 visual artists who received a Talent Development Grant in 2014 in order to start their careers. Prospects & Concepts is curated by Noor Mertens, curator Modern and Contemporary Art & City Collection at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

Participating artists
Emmanuel Adjei & Marleen Özgür – Goeun Bae – Silvia Bakker – Sohrab Bayat – Maarten Boswijk – Kim David Bots – Deniz Buga – Doris Denekamp – Valentina Desideri – Miriam Donkers – Tanja Engelberts – Anne Geene – Dimitar Genchev – Theun Govers – Sarah Grothus – Meinke ten Have – Susan van Hengstum – Menno Hiele – Michiel Hilbrink – Roos Holleman – Anne Huijnen – Alexandra Hunts – Susanna Inglada – Thijs Jansen – Paul de Jong – Jakob de Jonge – Catinka Kersten – Ingmar König – Susan Kooi – Maurits Koster – Peter de Krom – Charl Landvreugd – Johannes Langkamp – Ola Lanko – Pia Louwerens – Jonas Lund – Silvia Martes – Lana Mesic – Kaweh Modiri – Malou van der Molen – Natalia Ossef – Jaya Pelupessy – Willem Popelier – Pieter van der Schaaf – Nicoline Timmer – Diego Tonus – Sarka Vancurova – Dieke Venema – Loek van Vliet – Jiska de Vries – Marleine van der Werf – Ran Zhang – Corine Zomer

The exhibition will present work from a range of disciplines – from paintings to installations, from photography to performances; from as of yet unknown talent to artists who have already completed several widely discussed projects. Noor Mertens purposely avoided attempts to make a coherent whole of the exhibition. She views Prospects & Concepts as a manifestation of diverse individual presentations, whereby the work of every visual artist is shown in its own context. This batch includes a striking number of photographers and painters. Most photographers take a documentary type approach. Others play around with the medium of photography more, like for instance Tanja Engelberts, Anne Huijnen, Ola Lanko and Jaya Pelupessy. There are (….) ‘classical’ painters such as Dimitar Genchev, Theun Govers, Thijs Jansen, Jakob de Jonge and Natalia Ossef, who reflect minimally on the medium of painting. Others, such as Kim David Bots, Paul de Jong and Ran Zhang, relativize painting traditions, and their styles go beyond painting. Furthermore, there are visual artists who focus on video or longer film, and artists who have more hybrid practices, such as Jonas Lund, Susan Kooi and Charl Landvreugd.