VBNC exhibition

VBCN Open Space
Konijnenstraat 16A, Amsterdam
Open Tue-Sat 12-18
Dates: 18 Dec — 17 Jan

Opening 18 Dec, 16:30-21 hrs
Artists: Sema Bekirovic, Jonas Lund, Thomas van Linge and Céline Manz

The piece I contributed to the show
A series of achievement awards for each corporate collection participating in the exhibition VBCN 10 Jaar Jong. The VBCN (the Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections) is a cooperation of companies, organisations and institutions that, in addition to their core activities, collect (contemporary) art and currently consists of 52 corporate collections.

The awards are rewarded for outstanding achievements in a range of different fields, from ‘The Most Medium Diverse Collection’ to ‘The Best Collection Website’. The backbone of the awards are data provided by each collection, showing what’s in their collection, and the awards are loosely based on comparing and analysing the artists and the works in each collection against different metrics. What makes one collection unique from another, as seen through the perspective of comparative data analysis.