We See in Wired

We See In Every Direction featured in Wired, This Wacky Web Browser Works Like a Ouija Board – thanks Liz for the nice review.

I decided to give Lund’s browser a test run. I launched We Seeand noticed two other cursors flitting about the screen. Suddenly, text started to fill the URL bar: “Are we the only ones on this browser at the moment,” one of my fellow surfers asked. We were. In the span of two minutes, the page jumped from the Google France home screen to a news story about soccer to an image search for “lovely shit.” That’s when I decided to lead our group over to Wired.com. We made brief stops by Gadget Lab, this story about whales and Underwire before hopping over to the Tumblr, “Local People With Their Arms Crossed.” My group appeared to have good taste. From there, things got a little weird and a little too NSFW to mention here, but what do you expect from the wild west of shared web surfing?